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Bhargav Singapuri

Transformations with Technology and Data Insights
Full Stack Software Engineer | AI & Machine Learning Specialist

Top Skills

Software Engineering

A Full-Stack Software Engineer with experience in Web, Mobile and backend development and deployment.

Data Science

Trained in the latest Machine Learning tools and technologies as well as Data Extraction, Wrangling and Storage.

Cloud Orchestration

Experienced in provisioning, deploying and maintaining cloud infrastructure with Terraform.

Thought Leader

Respected for industry knowledge and sharing innovative ideas.

Goal Oriented

Driven by setting and achieving objectives with a clear focus.

Team Player

Collaborative and effective in working within diverse teams.

Work Experience

Vertex Holdings

Dec 2021 - July 2022
  • Built and deployed a Full Stack Django-React app on GCP using Terraform for internal company use that simplified processes for the various Funds under the Vertex umbrella.
  • Ingested data from external databases, APIs and websites using Python Scripts and Airflow to expand the data available to the various Funds that allowed for better outreach opportunities and improved investment decisions.


May 2021 - July 2021
  • Lead a team of Interns to create a Full Stack application in Angular, Flask and MongoDB that was deployed using Docker for demonstrations to large local banks.
  • Collaborated with an International Developer Team to create an internal Software Licensing and tracking system that was used by the company to ensure that customers stayed within contractual obligations.