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Hello World!

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Bhargav Singapuri

Hello one and all!


I am Bhargav, a fresh graduate from NTU and this blog is my attempt to document all my learnings so that I can share them with everyone. The main aim of this site is for me to share a bit about myself as well as for me to document the work that I do so that you can join me on my journey as a Data Scientist / Software Engineer as I tackle problems at work or in my own personal projects. By doing this, I hope that we can learn interesting things together and that I can easily recall what I did previously should I need to.


I started my Coding journey back in Secondary school and from the first day knew that I wanted to become someone that codes for a living. Although I didn't have a clue as to what that would entail, the thought of giving instructions to a computer and have it solve problems was thrilling.

I started off my journey by participating in the National Olympiad of Informatics and was immediately thrown into the deep end of algorithms. Although I did not understand much of what was going on, being able to at least solve some of the easier questions piqued my interest in the area and drove me to pursue the field further.


In University I studied Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at NTU Singapore. This was a slight deviation from my pure computer science inclination as I saw the growing importance of data in the current day and really wanted something that would combine my interests in math and coding.


Unfortunately due to COVID, a lot of my school experience was cut short and I was unable to join many school related activities that might have bolstered my learning such as hackathons and school clubs. Despite that, I did manage to join a handful such as NUS Hacknroll and Optiver's Ready Trader Go. Most of these were for the experience and to have some fun with friends rather than to actually win the competition but they were good experiences nonetheless.


During my time at school, I interned at Upskills Pte. Ltd for 3 months, as well as Vertex Holdings Pte. Ltd for 15 months. The latter being a part of Work Study Degree Programme where I had to do an extensive internship and a Final Year Project with the company.

You can read more details on my experiences in the Projects Section.


Now that I have completed University, I will be working at UOB Group's Technology Department as a Software Engineer. I look forward to solving interesting challenges that the bank faces and helping them to build up their infrastructure.

Beyond that, I also look forward to working on my own projects that I can hopefully use in my daily life to make it just that much more easier and that I can share my journey of making these projects with you.

See you around!